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Be a Spark

be a spark

If you have read this book – you now understand who Jesus is and we hope you will want to tell others about our free book.

Think of people that you know who need to understand God’s will for their life – and we will send them a book. That person might be a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker, a relative, they might ride on your bus or train, or they could be your son or daughter. It doesn’t matter. Simply go to our web site  and fill in our Contact Us page and provide us with their name and address – and we will send them a free book.

Every single one of us can reach someone, people that we know, and people that we don’t see very often – maybe some of your neighbors, shut-ins, acquaintances, casual friends, and others. Together we can all reach everyone. All we need to believe is that we can be a spark, a spark that starts a flame, a flame that starts a fire, a fire that cannot be consumed. This fire can travel to all parts of the world, to every single person, if we believe.