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Diaconate Ministry


For more information contact:

Pastor IRANKUNDA Alphonsine
Phone +250788875946

The model “par excellence” is Christ the servant, who lived totally at the service of God, for the good of men.  He recognized Himself as the one announced in the servant of the first song of the Book of Isaiah.

The deacon is described as “the pastor’s ear, mouth, heart and soul”   The deacon is at the disposal of the pastor in order that he may serve the whole people of God and take care of the sick and the poor; he is correctly and rightly called “the one who shows love for orphans, for the devout and for the widowed, one who is fervent in spirit, one who shows love for what is good.”   The portrait of the deacon that follows draws upon scripture, tradition, and a great deal of concrete experience:

First of all we must consider the diaconate, like every other Christian identity, from within the Church which is understood as a mystery of Trinitarian communion in missionary tension.  This is a necessary reference in the definition of the identity of every ordained minister insofar as its full truth consists in being a specific participation in and  presentation of the ministry of Christ.

The deacon is a sacred minister and a member of the clergy. He is ordained to serve God’s people in communion with the bishop and priests. The bishop and deacon share a special relationship. The deacon performs his ministry under the authority of the bishop. The deacon vows respect and obedience to the bishop; the bishop provides for the pastoral care of the deacon.

Because the deacon is involved in the secular world to a greater extent than the priest, he has the ability to bring the Gospel message into the workplace. Deacons, both married and unmarried, give witness to the Gospel value of sacrificial love and the dignity of human work. The deacon has the special opportunity and obligation to proclaim and witness the Gospel in his secular profession.

Summary of the objectives of the Commission

  • Social Assistance members in case of marriage, death, hospitalization, etc.
  • Visit the members, especially the needy: the sick, etc. 
  • Prepare the baptismal service with Pastor: baptistery, etc.
  • Prepare receptions if a party or any event organized by the church.
  • Have the eye of supervision on those who collect the offerings (the relevant support in case of absence).
  • Supporting protocol in the absence.
  • Prime the sanctuary before and after worship.
  • Prepare the Lord’s Supper every first Sunday of the month.
  • Provide water to drink and handkerchiefs for the priests and preachers.
  • Provide monthly activity report to the Pastor and Parish Council.
  • Provide the annual activity report to the General Assembly.

Schedule of Events

  • Every Sunday during before and after the service.
  • Day celebrations, seminars, conventions and moments of fraternity (day friends).


If you feel the Lord is leading you to donate back into this ministry that is available to you free of charge we will appreciate it greatly.