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Intercession Ministry

intercession ministry

Intercession may be the ultimate ministry in God’s plan of salvation. Jesus forever lives to make intercession for us (Heb 7:25). He lived a simple life in Nazareth for thirty years and had a public ministry for three years. And now He has been interceding for us for almost two thousand years. That may tell us something of the inestimable importance of intercession.

The Church teaches that the intercession of the saints in heaven is “their most exalted service to God’s plan”— no matter how great was their work on earth.

One of many kinds of prayer is the prayer of petition. Intercession is a form of petition. It is petitioning God in the place of another person (see Ez 22:30, 13:5; Ps 106:23;). Intercession implies that a person is unable or unwilling to petition God on his own behalf (Rm 8:26) and that the Lord sometimes permits us to substitute for others in prayer. Because God has given us authority (Gn 1:28) that He will not usurp, and because He will not usually impose His blessings on us, intercession makes a great difference. We don’t receive because we don’t ask (Jas 4:3). Intercession often is the difference between life and death, war and peace, healing or sickness, success or failure.

Protestants, Catholics, evangelicals, and charismatics all agree that intercession is God’s urgent call to His people at this moment in history. Some maintain that Jesus’ mother Mary has been repeatedly sent during this century to encourage us to intercede. We may be on the threshold of a golden age of intercession. Let us intercede to the maximum.


  • God’s perfect will being done in and through this ministry.
  • That Nain Hope Gospel Ministries would become established within our nation and become a conduit to helping families find God’s blessing and favour.
  • That my own family would be protected, blessed and encouraged daily.
  • That God would open up doors of opportunity and give this ministry favour in the sight of men.
  • That the courses and seminars would be life changing for all who attend and that the fruit would remain into eternity.
  • That many men across the world would find hope and encouragement through accessing the website.
  • God’s financial provision for the ministry.

Summary of departmental objectives

  • Pray for the needs of the Church and the needs of members of the Church in particular.
  • Pray for local and World Evangelization.
  • Pray to see the power of God manifest advantage in the church.
  • Pray for the pastor and his family, elders, deacons, and all heads of departments we.
  • Pray for the sick and for the release of captives.
  • Pray for break, destroy the kingdom of the devil.
  • Pray for spiritual and numerical growth of our church.
  • Pray for signs, wonders, miracles, gifts, etc … for they are manifested in the Church.
  • Pray that church members lead a productive life with the spiritual fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • Initiate time of fasting and prayer in the church.
  • Pray, pray, pray until the miracles taking place.
  • Provide a monthly report to the Parish Council and an annual report to the General Assembly

The program of our activities

  • Every Saturday night at the church and worship before each group of intercession meets for prayer.