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Ministry of Church Finance

finance ministry

The focus of the church is on the call of Christ to be faithful in making disciples and being in mission to others. That call cannot be accomplished without healthy financing. We must remember that the main reason for giving is not to maintain the church as an institution. The reason for giving is to meet the need of the giver to share what God has given in order to grow in faith and thereby help the church fulfill its sacred mission. Giving is a spiritual matter and reflects our commitment to Jesus Christ.

Summary of departmental objectives

  • Analyze the achievements and the budget of the previous year.
  • Then prepare the budget for the following year.
  • Present the budget prepared for the Parish Council and the General Assembly.
  • Receive all documents on money offerings, tithes, gifts etc. …
  • Reassure the money collected is in the hands of those who need to take to the bank after each end of the service.
  • Take care of the regular expenses of the Church and the obligations of the Church towards the Alliance.
  • Provide a detailed finance each end of the Pastor and the Church report.
  • Encourage the Church to do the fund raising when needed for projects of the Church who are immediate.
  • Provide individual received the annual church members.
  • Provide annual report to the General Assembly.

The program of activities

Each cult is organized by the church.

Finance Dept. Contact 

MBARUSHIMANA Samuel   –  WhatsApp +250788706629