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Print and Distribute Gospel Books

book printing kigali

Print and distribute the Gospel books in our country and surrounding countries which will help the people to know God and grow up spiritually with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for being willing to support what the Lord is doing. Together we can reach many more for the Lord. We are willing and available, and prepared to “Go into all the world”, and You have an opportunity to assist this Ministry, and in so doing, You will reap the same reward from the Lord as this Ministry.

We believe the Lord is connecting us with people with the same heart as His. To reach the lost! We all have an opportunity to give something of ourselves to the work of the Lord. There is no price too high for the salvation of one soul! Amen.

Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit as to what to give. Our prayer is that the Lord’s will in your life “do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think” and fulfill His wonderful plan in your life.

Help us print more books

Less than $1 per book!