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Youth Ministry

youth ministry

For more information contact:

Phone +250785800340

Every child should have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Sadly, some children grow up in homes where this isn’t possible. Others are homeless or living in poverty. We take seriously Jesus’ invitation to “let the little children come.” So we work to reach girls and boys around the world with the good news of the Bible.

Summary of the objectives of the committee

  • Organize the Church children to enable their spiritual development in the field of: praise, worship, offering, tithing, knowledge of the word of God, etc.
  • Establish classes according to the ages of the children.
  • Provide a monthly report to the Pastor and Parish Council
  • Provide annual report to the General Assembly.

Schedule of Events

  • Children Worship every Sunday from 9:30 to 09:45 am.
  • Special Singing in the worship of adults once every two months.

Our ministry purpose

To share the God’s love with vulnerable children by providing Bibles, resources and supporting and guiding them.